PAM partners integration

In Remote Desktop Manager 2021.2 and higher, we have removed the minimum requirement to a Site license for our Privileged Access Management (PAM) partners integration and replaced it by a feature license. This integration feature license is required to activate each PAM partner modules, namely CyberArk, Beyond Trust Password Safe and Delinea Secret Server.

This is justified by the considerable amount of time needed, not only for coding support of those extensive systems, but also by the legal and compliance requirements that such relationships entail.

If you had purchased a Remote Desktop Manager license of the SITE level or above prior to September 30th 2021, contact our Sales team and you will be provided a key valid for the remainder of your current subscription.

Please contact our Sales team if you need to purchase a PAM partner integration license for CyberArk, Beyond Trust Password Safe or Delinea Secret Server.

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