Upgrading from Remote Desktop Manager Free to Remote Desktop Manager team

Since version 2022.3 of Remote Desktop Manager, the Free Edition and Team Edition (previously Enterprise Edition) have been merged into one single download, allowing users to upgrade with more ease. To learn more about this change, you can read our blog post Remote Desktop Manager Free and Enterprise Are Now Unified.

If you are using Remote Desktop Manager version 2022.3 or later, see Team Edition to learn how to register a Team license. Otherwise, continue below.

File based data sources (XML, SQLite, etc.) are by default stored in the configuration folder. As a precaution, go through each data source in File – Data sources and have a look at the local path (if any). Any file that is in the configuration folder must be copied manually.

The paths mentioned here are for those that have installed using the default settings. The best way to locate your configuration folder is to go to File – Settings – Advanced. You will find a hyperlink near the bottom under the Information section that opens your configuration folder.

Please ensure you close the application before going further.

  1. Download Remote Desktop Manager Team Edition from our website.
  2. Install Remote Desktop Manager Team Edition.
  3. Launch the application once to have its own configuration folder initialized, then close it.
  4. Open an explorer window to %localappdata%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManagerFree.
  5. Open a second explorer window to %localappdata%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager.
  6. From the Free Edition explorer window, copy the following files to the RemoteDesktopManager folder:
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.cfg
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.stv
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.enc
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.ext
  • Connections.db. (default name of the local data source)
  • Any and ALL other data source files identified in the data sources list
  1. Rename the copied files to remove the "Free" suffix:
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.cfg to RemoteDesktopManager.cfg
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.stv to RemoteDesktopManager.stv
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.enc to RemoteDesktopManager.enc
  • RemoteDesktopManagerFree.ext to RemoteDesktopManager.ext
  1. Run the Team Edition and ensure all of your data sources are available.
  2. Uninstall the Free Edition only when you are sure that everything is working as expected.

If you want to downgrade from the Team Edition to the Free Edition, do the opposite at steps 3,4, and 5.

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