Set a language for the tree view

In Remote Desktop Manager, you can specify a language (and a location) for the tree view in the Navigation pane. This is especially useful for languages that use characters other than or in addition to the A-Z alphabet.

Note that the system on which Remote Desktop Manager is installed must support the specific language for it to work in Remote Desktop Manager.

  1. In Remote Desktop Manager, go to File – Settings – User Interface – Tree View.

  2. In the Tree view culture field, specify a Language tag.

    Tree view culture field
    Tree view culture field

    A list of tags is available on this Microsoft page, in a table under the Language tag column. Tags are generally composed of lowercase letters representing the language (e.g., en for English) followed by uppercase letters representing the location or type (e.g., US for the United States), separated by a hyphen. For example, en-US is the tag for English in the United States. Other tag formats also exist.

  3. Click on the Verify button next to the Tree view culture field. A window will pop up to confirm the language and location. Click OK to close it.

    Verify the culture
    Verify the culture

  4. Click OK in the Tree View window to save your changes and restart Remote Desktop Manager to apply them.

You have successfully modified the language of the tree view.

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