The Applications section manages the availability of different features related to Remote Desktop Manager application.

Administration – System settings – Application specific – Applications
Administration – System settings – Application specific – Applications

Operating systems Enable access to the data source from the selected operating systems.
Allow local Specific Settings Allow users to save Local specific settings.
Allow templates (local) Allows to locally save entry's templates.
Disable entry drag-and-drop Disable entries drag and drop from one folder to another. This setting is useful for avoiding accidental drag and drop.
Disable quick connect Disable the Quick Connect feature for all users of the data source.
Disable Remote Desktop Manager Agent and Jump Disable the option to activate a session as a Remote Desktop Manager Agent or Jump.
Disable stack trace Disable the stack trace details when an error occurs in Remote Desktop Manager. This is a security feature.
Allow local password templates Allows password templates to be saved locally.
Disable password saving for data source access Prevent users to save or change the passwords stored in the data source configurations.
Disable password saving (local) Prevent users from saving passwords in the properties of entries.
Use web or html welcome page Enter an URL to use as the application's welcome page.
Force application security with Windows credentials Require the users to authenticate with their Windows credentials at application startup.
Force application security with Google Authenticator Require the users to authenticate with Google Authenticator at application startup.
Disconnect data source Set the application to lock:
  • On Minimize: lock application when minimized in the taskbar for all users of the data source.
  • On Idle: automatically lock the application when it is not used after a determined amount of time.
  • On Windows lock: lock the application on Windows lock.
  • On standby: lock the application when on standby.
Go into offline mode if available when disconnecting Will switch Remote Desktop Manager from online to offline mode if available when disconnecting.
Automatically reconnect on activity Instead of using the manual refresh button, after an idle time, activate the option to reconnect automatically.
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