Move permission

The permission Move Permission on Entries in Remote Desktop Manager can be configured on your vault or in your entries and it is enabled by default.

Before version 2022.1.11, to move an entry, you needed only the permission to:

  • Edit the "source" entry.
  • Add in the destination.

This made it so giving a user the Edit permission was quite risky, as a user could move an entry in a different folder, which would change the inheritance of permissions, and possibly allow them to do more with the entry than they should be able to.

With the addition of the Move Permission on Entries, this makes it so the following permissions are required:

  • Edit the "source" entry
  • Add in the destination
  • Move on the "source" entry

Which means you could configure a user to have the permission to edit an entry, but deny them the right to move it.

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