Data sources

The data sources are at the heart of Remote Desktop Manager. They are the container that holds entries.


A data source can be a local file or a database (either local or shared). Multiple data sources can be managed at the same time as seen below.

Data Source
Data Source

Create a data source

Please consult Create a new data source for more information.

Multiple data sources

Multiple data sources can be configured, but there is only one active at a time.

Switch from one data source to another by using the data source drop down list.

Select a Data Source
Select a Data Source

Startup data source

You may assign a data source to open automatically when Remote Desktop Manager starts.

Startup Data Source
Startup Data Source

Use default data source Select the data source to connect to when the application starts.
Last used data source Connect to the last used data source.
Prompt for data source Prompt the user to for a data source to connect to.

Data Source Settings (System Settings)

Advanced Data Sources can manage a lot more settings related to the database and security. Those settings are saved directly in the database. For more information, please consult Data Source Settings (System Settings).

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