Task list

Create a Task List to keep track of work that needs to be done by the team. Toggle the Task List pane in View – Panels – Task List.

Task List Button
Task List Button

You can perform a search to filter out the list of displayed tasks. You can search by Due Date, Status, or Username.

This feature is only available for the following data sources: Devolutions Server, Azure SQL, SQL Server, and SQLite.

Task List
Task List

Creating a task

  1. Click on Add to open the Task Management window.
    Add Button
    Add Button
  2. Enter your task information, like the name of the task, the priority, the due date, the description, etc.
    Task Management
    Task Management
Name Enter a custom name for the task.
Entry Displays the entry currently selected in the Navigation pane. The task is assigned to this entry. It is a read-only field.
Priority Set the priority of the task (from 0 to 100).
Due date Set a deadline for the task.
Description Enter a description of the task for the assigned user.
User Assign a user to the task.
Assign me to this task Click this button to assign the task to yourself.
Delete Clear the assigned user.
Status Set a status for the task. Select between the following:
  • Open
  • Assigned
  • In progress
  • Closed
  • Done
  • Cancelled
  • Postponed
Comment Enter a comment for the task.
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