Access and manage variables

Remote Desktop Manager has lists of all available variables. Variables are versatile values that can be changed depending on the context. They act as containers for data, facilitating centralized control and manipulation.

To access and manage variables, right-click on any entry/folder, select Properties, and click on the Variables button.

Variables button in Remote Desktop Manager
Variables button in Remote Desktop Manager


The availability of variables varies from one entry/folder to another, as it depends on what fields can be filled in the entry or folder. If custom variables have been created for an entry, they will appear in the Custom Variables subsection located under General in the Entry Variables window of the entry Properties.

Custom variables
Custom variables

Normally, the $PARENT_NAME$ variable only works for sub-entries and folders. In 2023.1, however, it also resolves with the parent folder name of a “standard” entry that is not a sub-entry as long as they are not directly in root.

Variable uses

As a general rule, variables can be used in any field of the entry/folder, though only variables with an X in the Supported in Name column can be used in the Name field.

Some IP variables can cause performance issues or fail to return IP addresses in certain situations. It is recommended to use this workaround instead.

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