Create a vault template

Vault Templates are available in Remote Desktop Manager 2022.1.11 and higher with advanced data sources. For lower versions of Remote Desktop Manager follow the workaround.

This feature is not available with the Devolutions Server data source.

Vault template for Remote Desktop Manager 2022.1.11 and higher

  1. Go to Administration – System Settings – Vault Management – Vault Templates.
  2. Click Add Template.
  3. Name the vault template and set the options for this template.
  4. Click OK.
    When creating a new vault in Administration – Vaults, click Template to select your vault Template from the list.

Vault template workaround for Remote Desktop Manager version lower than 2022.1.11

  1. In an empty vault, create the structure (folders/sessions) you need.
  2. Create a new vault in Administration – Vaults – Add vault.
  3. Select all the folders/sessions you want in the template, right-click Add – Save as Template Group.
  4. Name the vault template.
  5. In the new vault click New Entry – Template and select the vault template you created.
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