Default settings

Default Templates create default settings for new entries. Every entry type is supported and can have a default settings template defined.

  • Session
  • Information
  • Credential Entry
  • Folder
  • Contact
  • Document
  • Synchronizer
  • Macros/Scripts/Tools

File - Templates - Default settings
File - Templates - Default settings


To help you locate the entry type you want to customize, all entry types are organized by category.

Select a category of entry from the File – Templates menu, then select the specific entry type to be edited.

Please note that a [No default] notice is displayed below each type that does not have a default template defined.

All entry types without the [No default] notice have a default template. You can double-click on the type to edit the template or press the edit button.

If you want to remove the default settings template, press the delete button.

Default Type Template Management
Default Type Template Management

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