Quick access toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar found at the top of the application is composed of multiple parts:

  • System menu icon.
  • Favorite commands.
  • Quick Connect control.
  • Lock command.

Quick Access Toolbar buttons are flagged locally on the current machine by the current user. These local buttons are saved in a file named RemoteDesktopManager.qtb. By default, this file is located in %localappdata%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager.

Favorite commands

Commands contained in the ribbon can be added in the quick access toolbar. These are the favorite commands. To add a command to the quick access toolbar, right-click any icon in the ribbon the select Add.

Favorite Commands
Favorite Commands

Create a new entry in your current data source.
Open the properties window of your selected entry.
Refresh your data source.
Open the filter dialog window to allow you to do a quick search.

Right-Click on any command to display the contextual menu. To remove an item from the quick access toolbar, right-click on the item and select Remove. To add an item to the quick access toolbar, right-click an item in the ribbon and select Add. Use this to customize your workspace with your preferences.

Quick Connect control

Please refer to Quick Connect for a detailed description.

Lock Application Command

This command will minimize the application. When you attempt to restore it you will be prompted for the password. Applies only to data sources protected by a password.

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