Ancillary files

Remote Desktop Manager generates ancillary files on your workstation. The table below lists out an example of ancillary files and their locations.

As described in Configuration file location, the default path for most of these files are customizable. For this reason, we use the [CONFIG] token in this documentation to denote when a file is stored in a configuration folder that can be relocated, or the [PROFILE] token to indicate that they are stored in the local profile. By default, these point to the same exact folder. The only method to separate them is by using a customized configuration.

Since you can also deploy on a portable device, sometimes known as using the XCOPY deployment model, we will use the [INSTALLDIR] token to indicate that the file is in the same location as Remote Desktop Manager.

The Override Source column indicates if an available mechanism can relocate the files of that category elsewhere.


Configuration File(s) (.cfg, .ext) [CONFIG] None
Data File(s) (.xml, .db) [CONFIG] or custom path. None
Default Settings [CONFIG] Data source settings (System Settings)
Encryption (.enc, .enb) [CONFIG] None
Layout Files (.lyt) [CONFIG] None
Log Files (.log, .debug) [CONFIG] None
Local Play lists [PROFILE]\[Datasource]\Playlists Use application directory for local playlist will use instead [INSTALLDIR]
Local Templates They are serialized directly in the configuration file of the application. None
Offline/Cache data (offline.db) [PROFILE]\[Datasource] Use application directory for online cache will use instead [INSTALLDIR]
Sensitive (.stv, .stb) [CONFIG] None
Themes [CONFIG] None

Offline and Local Play list option

Offline and local play list options can be accessed by navigating to File – Settings – Advanced.

Options - Advanced
Options - Advanced

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