Configure a password depot entry in Remote Desktop Manager

Every field from the Password Depot entry is described below.

To learn more about creating and managing a Password Depot account, please consult the documentation on their official website.

The integration of credentials from password managers is only available in the Team version of Remote Desktop Manager.

The entry can be found under New EntryCredential ManagementPassword Management.

Credential Management
Credential Management
General tab
General tab

  • Name: Entry name in Remote Desktop Manager.
  • Folder: Which Remote Desktop Manager folder the entry will be in.

General tab

  • Host: Password Depot URL
  • Use "My Account Settings": Go to FileMy Account SettingsSettingsPassword Management and click on Password Depot to set up this option first; replaces the Username and Password fields.
  • Username: Password Depot username.
  • Password: Password Depot password.
    • Always ask password: If enabled, entry will always prompt for password when it is accessed.
  • Database: Click on the ellipsis button to pick the Password Depot database.
    • Entry: Click on the ellipsis button to pick a specific credential for this entry.
    • Always prompt with list: Prompts the user with a list of all the available credentials instead of a specific one.
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