Password strength rating

Remote Desktop Manager's Password generator tool as well as reports such as the Entry security analyzer and the Password analyzer provide feedback about existing and generated passwords.

This feedback incorporates a password rating score, assessed through Zxcvbn. The score, represented as a numerical value, is subsequently converted into a strength label, which is what Remote Desktop Manager displays. The numerical score can be accessed by exporting the Entry security analyzer into any file format (CSV, Html, Xlsx, or Xml).

Consult the table below to identify the corresponding strength label for each numerical score range.

Strength label Score / score range
Encrypted Less than or equal to -10
None -1
Popular Password 1
Forbidden 2
Very Weak Less than 20
Weak Less than 40
Good Less than 60
Strong Less than 80
Very Strong Less than 100
Perfect Anything else (cannot be achieved)
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