Import credentials from KeePass

Remote Desktop Manager imports credentials from KeePass. It is a simple way to build your data. The imported information can be converted into three types of entry: Username/Password and Website The entries include credentials, URL addresses and notes.

Import various entries


Export entries from KeePass

  1. In the File menu, click Export.
  2. Export Data to an external file. Remote Desktop Manager supports two file types for KeePass: XML and CSV. An XML file will retain the folder structure from KeePass.
    1. Choose desired file type: KeePass CSV (1.x) or KeePass XML (2.x).
    2. Select path to save the exported file.

Import data into Remote Desktop Manager

  1. The data is imported into the currently selected folder.


  2. Choose the file type to import in File – Import.

    1. To import an xml file, choose Import from Session.
    2. To import a csv file, choose Import from Login.
  3. Choose an entry type. All imported entries are converted to this type.


    Option Description
    Credentials Includes username, password and domain.
    Website Includes username, password, and website address. Good choice for website information and can be used with the Workspace browser extension. Has more settings for default web browser, display, credentials and security questions.
  4. Select the KeePass exported file in the file explorer and click Open.

  5. Choose the entries you want to import.


  6. The imported entries are ready to use.


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