Import (.rdm)

Remote Desktop Manager allows you to import entries from previously exported RDM files (Remote Desktop Manager's native export format) stored on your computer.

For an overview of the RDM file format and the impact of decisions made in this entry, see RDM import strategies and file format.


  1. In the Navigation pane, select the vault in which to import the entries.
  2. Go to File – Import – Import (.rdm).
  3. Select the RDM file to import from your computer, then click Open.
  4. Choose to Import in root, Import in current folder, or Import in specific folder.
  5. In the next dialog box, a list of all the entries that are in the data file will be displayed. Select specific entries you wish to import or Select All to import all of your entries.

If you have users who override entry properties with User Specific Settings, uncheck Change ID.

  1. Click OK. The import will proceed using your chosen settings.
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