Open with parameters

The Open with Parameters menu all options available to open a session.

Open with Parameters
Open with Parameters

Open (External) Open a session as an external process, with no direct link to Remote Desktop Manager.
Open (Embedded/Tabbed) Open the session within the confines of the Remote Desktop Manager dashboard and display tabs at the top of the window.
Open via Jump... Open the session through a Jump host.
Open (Full Screen) Open the session with the full screen display mode.
Open in Console/Admin Mode Connect to the console session of a server using Remote Desktop for Administration.
Open (Select Credentials)... Prompts you with the list of the credentials link to your Data Source to allow you to chose the one needed to open your session.
Open in No Console/Admin Mode
(Prompt for Credentials)
Open your session normally and prompt you for your credentials to connect.
Open Share Folders Open the shared folders of the remote computer.
Open with a Template... Open from a template that you have already created.
VPN Select between:
  • Open (Without VPN)
  • Open VPN Only
  • Close VPN Only
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