Search & filter

It is possible to apply a filter in the Navigation pane tree view by typing some characters in the filter box. The filter is applied using the specified settings in the application File – Settings – User Interface – Filter.

Ellipsis button

Select the ellipsis button to display the options.

Ellipsis button
Ellipsis button

The filter expression is matched against fields as selected in the filter options such as:

  • Search multiple or all vaults at once.
  • Field Options (Include Folder, Host, Username, etc.).
  • General Information (Domain, IP, etc.).
  • Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone number, etc.).
  • Hardware Information (Serial number, Manufacturer, etc.).

It is possible to exclude results by choosing to display entries that match certain criteria:

  • Session types (credentials, script tools, VPN, etc.)
  • If the session is marked as a Favorites

In Navigation options, you can limit the search parameters to specific entry types. Such as Sessions, Data Entries, etc.

Search Types
Search Types

The Search Options offers the chance to customize your search, such as including shortcuts or favorites, making it case sensitive, and more!

Search Options
Search Options

Keyboard shortcut

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to quickly have access to the Search/Filter control. This can be disabled in File – Settings – User Interface – Keyboard..

You can set the focus back on the Navigation pane by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L, this also can be disabled in the options.

Boolean filter

Here a few implementation notes for the Boolean filter:

  • We use the C# nomenclature (&& for AND, || for OR)
  • Evaluated left-to-right
  • No parentheses matching
  • Double-quotes (") are not required or removed, they are part of the text filter, do not use them unless you are looking for a double-quote.
  • Leading/trailing white-spaces are trimmed

Examples (this will work)

  • Boise && Laptop
  • Boise&&Laptop
  • Boise && Laptop
  • Baton Rouge || Boise && Laptop
  • Laptop && Baton Rouge

Examples (this will not work as expected)

  • Laptop && "Baton Rouge"
  • Will work but filter for the string "Baton Rouge" and not the string Baton Rouge
  • Laptop && (Baton Rouge || Boise)
  • Will work but filter for Laptop and the string (Baton Rouge || Boise)
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