Templates are useful to have predefined values when creating an entry. Use templates to:

To access and manage templates, navigate to File – Templates.

It is possible to create local and database templates.

  • Local templates are saved in the Remote Desktop Manager configuration file. They are available only to the current user of the machine.
  • Database templates are saved in the database. They are available to all users of the data source.

By default, standard users cannot create or manage templates. To allow users to create or manage templates, the permission must be granted to users using the AdministrationTemplates section of the system permissions.

File – Templates
File – Templates


When creating a template, its availability can be specified in the Template Settings.



Templates can be used in the following cases:

Create a new entry

By default, when creating an entry of a type that has templates configured for, the user is prompted for a template to use. This behavior can be modified in the System Settings.


The template can be selected before creating the entry as well. Use the Template section of the Add New Entry window.


Run a Quick Connect session

Templates can be used with the Quick Connect feature. For example, the same template can be used to connect to different hosts.


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