Manage cache

This option allows you to manage your cache which decides how the client will re-load entries when changes are detected. On large data sources caching is a must and will increase performance significantly.

This feature is only available when the offline engine is set to use SQLite. We are phasing out this engine because of multiple issues reported by customers. We recommend you use MCDFv2.

The Manage Cache options should usually only be used upon request from our Support Team when experiencing cache issue.


The Manage Cache options will only be available when using an SQLite cache.

Manage Cache
Manage Cache

Clear output Clear the output window.
Analyze Analyze will generate a report of everything that is contained in the cache. It will read the offline data and perform a read/write test to verify if the offline file is valid.
Vacuum This will run an SQLite command to reduce your cache size. The Vacuum should only be used after trying to execute a Repair of your cache. If the repair has not solved your issue running a Vacuum will usually solve issues when dealing with a corrupted cache.
Repair The repair will run four different SQLite commands to repair a corrupted cache:
  • PRAGMA integrigy_check
  • REINDEX DatabaseInfo
  • REINDEX Connections
  • REINDEX Properties
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