Configure a Devolutions Server cross vault credential sharing entry

This topic covers how to share a credential from a different vault in the same Devolutions Server, or between two Devolutions Server datasources.

Creating a credential sharing entry

  1. In Remote Desktop Manager select a Devolutions Server datasource and go into the desired vault.
  2. Click on New Entry.
  3. Go to Credential ManagementPassword Management.
  4. Select Devolutions Server and click OK.
    Devolutions Server
    Devolutions Server
  5. Enter the Name.
    General tab
    General tab
  6. Fill the information in the General tab;
    • Host: The URL to Devolutions Server
    • Use "My Account Settings": Use the My Acount Settings Devolutions Server login set in FileSettings
    • Use Windows authentication: Use Windows authentication to log into Devolutions Server
    • Username: Use a set email to log into Devolutions Server
    • Vault: Click on the ellipsis button to select which vault to get the credential from
      Entry tab
      Entry tab
  7. Fill the information in the Entry tab;
    • Default (specific credential): This mode uses one specific credential
      • Credential: Click on the ellipsis button to select which specific credential to share
    • Name filtering: Filters through the selected vault based on the search criterias to find an entry with a matching name
      • Name: Enter the desired characters
      • Mode: Contains the value or Exact match
      • Case sensitivity: No or Yes
    • Always prompt with list: Always prompts the user with a list of the available credentials
  8. Click OK to save the changes and close this window.
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