Google Drive

Remote Desktop Manager downloads and uploads the session settings directly from file located on an FTP site.


Google Drive - General Tab
Google Drive - General Tab

Name Enter the name of the data source.
Email Enter the Google email to access Google Drive.
Password Enter the password of the Google account.
Always ask password Always ask for the password when connecting to the data source.
Account status Indicated if the account has been validated with Google Drive. Credentials must be validated before using the data source.
Validate Google Drive This contextual button attempts validates the credentials currently in use (or removes currently validated credentials).
Master key Enter the master key of the data source (If enabled).
Always ask master key Enabling this option will prompt for a master key whenever you are connecting to the data source.
Filename Enter the Google Drive path of the data source's file.


Open a VPN to access your data prior to connecting to your Google Drive.

Google Drive - VPN Tab
Google Drive - VPN Tab

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