The Permissions window, which is only available in an advanced data source, can be found in every entry properties in SecurityPermission section (or SecurityInherited permissions for the vault root).

The user group based permission system can give a very accurate control of the security. Here is an overview of the permission window:

Permission panel
Permission panel

Permission Sets the permission mode. Select between:
  • Inherited (Default): Inherits the permissions from the parent groups.
  • Custom: Lets you specify a custom value for each of the permission.
  • Allowed: Grants all the permissions below to everyone.
  • Disallowed: Grants the permission to no one but the administrators.
Grant Access Allows batch grant access to a specific entry or entries.
Inherited values Indicates what is inherited from parent groups.
Select user groups Lets you select users / user groups to be granted the permission. Available only if the permission is set to Custom.

Batch Grant Access
Batch Grant Access

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