The Administration tab allows to manage settings and users of a data source, view reports such as the activity logs, and much more. This tab is only available to administrators of the data source.

Most features contained in the Administration tab are only available when using an Advanced Data Source.

Ribbon - Administration
Ribbon - Administration


Users Opens the User Management.
Vaults Opens the vault Management tab of User Management.
User Groups Opens the User Groups Management tab of User Management.


Vault Settings Opens the vault Settings. The vault Folder is the one at the top of the Navigation pane (in Tree View). It is the one from which all entries and folder stem. By default, lower level folders inherit settings and security from parent folder until reaching the vault. Therefore, using permissions on the vault folder allows to secure all entries below the vault level. Refer to Default security for entries for more information.
System Settings (Data Source Settings) Opens the System Settings. There are many features here, all meant to help you customize your data source and security needs. Remember that these settings applies to all users that have access to the data source.
System Permissions Modify System permissions.
Security Provider Set up a Security provider for an additional layer of security.

Clean Up

Clean Up Deleted History Perform a partial or full clean up of the Deleted History.
Clean Up Entry History Perform a partial or full clean up of the Entry History.
Clean Up Activity Logs Perform a partial or full clean up of the Activity Logs. You also have the option to clean up the Administration Logs if desired.
Pack Data Source (Optimize) The Pack Data Source (Optimize) feature analyzes all entries, compress and save them, thus saving space in your data source.
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