KeePass troubleshooting

Problem 1

You are prompted twice to open KeePass when connecting to a session.


In KeePass, click on Tools - Options, go to the Advanced tab and uncheck Remember and Automatically open last used database on startup.

Problem 2

The following plugin is incompatible with the current KeePass version.


Make sure that the installation of KeePass was successful.

Delete all the RemoteDesktopManager.Connector.dll and RemoteDesktopManagerPlugin.dll files that you may have in the installation folder of KeePass.

We have since then modified how Plug In functions, and these files should no longer exist.

Problem 3

KeePass Direct mode fails.


For this to work, you will need to have your Key Derivation function set to one of the following options depending on your Encryption You can locate this in your KeePass Database settings under the Security section.

  • Encryption CHACHA20
    • Argon2d
    • AES-KDF
  • Encryption AES/Rijndael
    • Argon2d

If you are using a Keyfile it needs to be in v1.

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