Keyboard shortcuts

Here are the default keyboard shortcuts for various commands. These can be modified in File – Settings – User Interface – Keyboard.

The Disable All button allows you to disable all shortcuts. The Reset Default button returns shortcuts to their default values.

Both the Disable All and Reset Default buttons will erase your custom shortcuts. Use these options with care so as not to risk losing your custom shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts

Default shortcuts


Clipboard - Copy Connection String Ctrl+Alt+H
Clipboard - Copy Domain Ctrl+Alt+B
Clipboard - Copy Host Ctrl+H
Clipboard - Copy Password Ctrl+Shift+B
Clipboard - Copy Url Ctrl+Shift+H
Clipboard - Copy Username Ctrl+B
Execute command from palette Ctrl+Shift+P
Execute Typing Macro Ctrl+Shift+A
Navigate URL Enter
Open (Embedded/Tabbed) Ctrl+Enter
Open (External) Shift+Enter
Open Full screen Alt+Enter
View Password Ctrl+P


Add Credential Entry Alt+Shift+N
Add Folder Ctrl+Shift+N
Add Information Ctrl+Alt+N
Add Session Ctrl+N
Delete Ctrl+Del
Duplicate Ctrl+D
Edit Entry Ctrl+E
Local Specific Settings Ctrl+Alt+E
New Entry Ins
Rename F2
User Specific Settings Ctrl+Shift+E


Filter Ctrl+F
Force Refresh Ctrl+F5
Online Help F1
Profiler Ctrl+F12
Quick Connect Ctrl+Alt+Q
Quick Search Ctrl+Space
Refresh F5


Import in vault (.rdm) Ctrl+Shift+I
File Ctrl+Shift+F
Focus Dashboard Ctrl+Shift+L
Focus Tab Ctrl+Shift+Up
Focus Tree/List Ctrl+L
Goto Bookmark 1 Ctrl+1
Goto Bookmark 2 Ctrl+2
Goto Bookmark 3 Ctrl+3
Goto Bookmark 4 Ctrl+4
Goto Bookmark 5 Ctrl+5
Goto Bookmark 6 Ctrl+6
Goto Bookmark 7 Ctrl+7
Goto Bookmark 8 Ctrl+8
Goto Bookmark 9 Ctrl+9
Search Ribbon Alt+Q
Select Next Tab Ctrl+Shift+Right
Select Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Left
Set Bookmark 1 Ctrl+Shift+1
Set Bookmark 2 Ctrl+Shift+2
Set Bookmark 3 Ctrl+Shift+3
Set Bookmark 4 Ctrl+Shift+4
Set Bookmark 5 Ctrl+Shift+5
Set Bookmark 6 Ctrl+Shift+6
Set Bookmark 7 Ctrl+Shift+7
Set Bookmark 8 Ctrl+Shift+8
Set Bookmark 9 Ctrl+Shift+9
Switch Data Source Ctrl+Shift+D
Switch vault Ctrl+Shift+R


Advanced Search F11
Dashboard Alt+F6
Favorites F9
Multi vault Search F12
Navigation pane Alt+F8
Opened Sessions F8
Play List Management Ctrl+G
RDP Toggle View Only Shift+F3
Recent F10
Status Bar Alt+F7
Tab Bar Alt+Shift+F6
Tab Group Pane Ctrl+Alt+F9
Tab List Ctrl+F9
Top Pane (Ribbon/Menubar) Alt+F11
User vault F7
Vault F6
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