IT glue information

There are some limitations to the API provided by IT Glue due to it requiring a private API Key. This API Key acts as an authentication and provides access to the IT Glue organizations.

For more information please look into this article under the section Generating an API key

The important thing to remember is the following: All API endpoints require authentication using a private API key.

Whenever you send a request to the API, you send your key with it so that we know it is you. This means that anyone who has your key can access your data, so it’s important to keep it private. You can revoke an old API key and generate a new one at any time from your IT Glue account. Any requests made using your old key will no longer work.

Therefore there are 2 choices when using IT Glue in Remote Desktop Manager

  1. Everyone is an administrator. Since you do not want to share the API Key with everyone, you can create a session in an Always prompt with list mode. However, this way everyone can access all credentials stored in the selected IT Glue organization. This is not the best solution as far as security is concerned.
  2. Have the administrator or someone trustworthy create specific entries targeting specific IT Glue credentials in Remote Desktop Manager Then you can use the Remote Desktop Manager permissions to decide who can View the entry and who can View Password If you choose this option, you would have to make sure to block the Edit permissions on all IT Glue entries as to ensure no one can edit the entry and choose a password which is not meant for them.
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