Script dashboard

The Script dashboard is useful for centralizing scripts and running them with specific permissions. It is a great addition for IT teams who often need to use scripts with variables, especially scripts that do not have a direct link to an entry (for example, a script that creates users in Active Directory).


  1. Open Remote Desktop Manager.
  2. Select Tools – Script Dashboard in the ribbon of Remote Desktop Manager.
    Script Dashboard
    Script Dashboard

The Script Dashboard feature is also available as an entry. Create a new entry in Remote Desktop Manager and select Script Dashboard under Session – Other.

  1. The Script Dashboard open.

Script Dashboard
Script Dashboard

Overview Tab

This tab provides an overview of the selected script, including information about its most recent execution and a preview of the script itself.

Last executed by Indicates the identity of the user that last executed the script.
Last executed on Displays the date and time when the script was last executed.
Parameters Lists the parameters in the PowerShell script.
Script preview Provides a preview of the script code, allowing for a quick review of its contents.

Execution Logs Tab

This tab contains logs related to the execution of the script, detailing when the execution events started and when they concluded.

Field Description
Log Date The date and time when the execution log entry was created.
End Date/Time The date and time marking the end of the script's execution period.


Scripts can be added as favorite by clicking on the star. Favorites are listed on the left menu.

Add scripts as favorite by clicking on the star
Add scripts as favorite by clicking on the star

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