Go to File – Settings – Types – Sessions to control the behavior of the application with respect to sessions.

File – Settings – Types – Sessions
File – Settings – Types – Sessions


Connection Options

Allow embedded credential source mode (legacy) Allow Embedded Credential mode in entries. This mode is deprecated and not recommended. Please review the Credentials Options available.
Allow sub entries Allow the creation of sub entries.
Automatically open file location after session recording After a session recording, it will open the destination folder where the file is saved.
Disable close all confirmation message Disable the Close all confirmation message when closing/disconnecting multiple entries at the same time.
Disable compromised password (pwned) check Disable the pwned check feature if it is not forced by the administrator in Administration – System Settings – Password Validation.
Disable DPAPI on offline cache Disable the DPAPI encryption on the offline cache. This encryption is provided by Windows and used to make the offline cache more secure.
Disable form editor cache Disable the form editor cache and force Remote Desktop Manager to always fetch the information. It is not recommended to disable this feature for performance reasons.
Disable log off confirmation message When pressing the logoff button in an embedded RDP session, Remote Desktop Manager, will disconnect the session without the logoff confirmation message.
Disable system event handlers Only used for diagnostic purposes. Do not enable unless recommended by our support team.
Disable thumbnail view for Google Chrome Disable the thumbnail view for Google Chrome in View – Thumbnails to improve the application performance.
Enable global event logging for Telnet and SSH (DevolutionsTerminal.log) Enable global event logging for Telnet and SSH entries. It will create the file DevolutionsTerminal.log at the same place where the configuration file is located.
Enable offline read/write locks Activate locks for the Offline read/write rights.
Ensure that KeePass is running Validate that KeePass is running on your computer before accessing any KeePass data.
Force refresh before edit entry Perform a refresh of the entry before entering in edit mode. This is useful in a multi-user environment with a shared data source. This ensures that you are editing the most recent version of the entry.
Force restore application with desktop shortcut When double-clicking on the desktop shortcut, it will restore the application that is already open. If the option is unchecked, a second Remote Desktop Manager window will open.
Open shortcut session silent Disable the command line warning message when using a shortcut.
Show deprecated data source types Some data sources are not supported anymore. Enabling this option will show them again.
Use connection loader optimization Only enable this option upon request from our support team.
Use legacy folder images Enable this option to use the legacy folder images.
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