In the Help tab section you will find links to the Devolutions Forum, Blog, Online Help, and much more. Diagnostics tools for Remote Desktop Manager are all located in the Support section and many supported related features, such as the Application Logs, the Profiler, and the Recorder.

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Online Help Launches our Remote Desktop Manager documentation.
Blog Visit our Blog and learn about the Devolutions team, as well as our goals, products and more.
Knowledge Base Launches our Devolutions Knowledge Base.


Applications Logs Opens the Application Logs to view encountered errors.
Diagnostic Launches the Diagnostic feature.
Clipboard Diagnostic The Clipboard Diagnostic tool helps to view all requests in real time and identify which application is involved with copy paste errors.
Profiler Use the Profiler to acquire specific information. Used to diagnose connectivity issues with a data source.
Record Use the Recorder to help our support team troubleshoot the problem.
Submit a Support Ticket Submit a Support Ticket to help us make your experience better by reporting experience issues or by asking for new features.
Visit our Forum Visit our Forum for help and exchange with the Devolutions community.
Release Notes Send you directly to our Remote Desktop Manager web page to view the new features and enhancements when a new version is released.


Check for Updates Validate if a Remote Desktop Manager update is available.
About Learn about Remote Desktop Manager.
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