Download Microsoft Edge Chromium

We highly recommend that you download and install the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime, as many of Remote Desktop Manager's features require it to function, such as:

  • Onboarding
  • Dashboards
  • Web browser (ex: Edge embedded)
  • SAML authentication in CyberArk
  • Reports
  • Handbook/Documentation
  • Compare prompt (ex: documentation)
  • Help prompt
  • Change history in available update prompt

Download the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime. The compatible download link for Remote Desktop Manager is the one under the Evergreen Bootstrapper section.

Evergreen Bootstrapper download
Evergreen Bootstrapper download

Once downloaded and installed, restart Remote Desktop Manager for the installation to take effect.

If you get an error message indicating that installation has failed due to an existing installation on the current system, you need to force reinstallation of the program by deleting a registry key. Follow the steps in Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime installation troubleshooting.

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