It is possible to apply a filter in the Navigation pane tree view by typing some characters in the filter box. The filter is applied using the specified settings in the application Filter options.


The Search filter is accessible from the Remote Desktop Manager macOS Quick Access Toolbar.

Quick Access - Search
Quick Access - Search

Click on the arrow in the Search box to display your search options.

Search box - Dropdown options
Search box - Dropdown options

The filter expression is matched against fields as selected in the filter options such as:

  • Group
  • Type
  • Host
  • Username
  • Domain
  • Description
  • Keywords/Tags
  • Contact Information

It is possible to exclude results by choosing to display entries that match certain criteria:

  • Session types (credentials, script tools, VPN, etc.)
  • If the session is marked as a Favorites

A search by types can be executed to include Sessions, Data Entries, Contacts, Documents, Credentials Entries, VPNs, Macros/Scripts/Tools, Show Sync.

Search - Type
Search - Type

The Search Options will offer you the possibility to include the shortcuts, the sub entries, show only the favorites and/or make the search case sensitive.

Search - Search Options
Search - Search Options