RDP sessions memory tuning

By default, the RDP protocol will reserve a sizable chunk of memory right from the start of a session for caching purposes, but we have some level of control over that. In the Experience tab of the RDP session, there is a Cache setting that you can use to control the behavior.

Cache mode
Cache mode

Here is what each mode does:

Default Uses the value set in File – Settings – Types – Remote Desktop – Cache.
Full mode The protocol is full Windows 8 Remote Desktop Protocol cache.
Thin client The protocol is limited to using the Windows 7 with SP1 RemoteFX codec and a smaller cache. All other codecs are disabled. This protocol has the smallest memory footprint.
Small cache The protocol is the same as Full mode, except it uses a smaller cache.

Choosing Thin client is therefore the choice that limits memory consumption the most, but will downgrade to the previous version of the protocol. The Small Cache mode may be sufficient for your needs if you need the newer features of the RDP protocol.

You might wish to set this for all sessions. In this case, go to File – Settings – Types – Remote Desktop – Cache to assign the default value, then in all of your sessions use Default.

File – Settings – Types – Remote Desktop – Cache
File – Settings – Types – Remote Desktop – Cache