Microsoft Azure SQL

With a Microsoft Azure SQL data source, Remote Desktop Manager macOS uses the Microsoft cloud platform to save and manage entries.

The following features are also supported:

  • Always on availability group
  • Clustering
  • Log shipping
  • Database mirroring

Minimum Requirement for Azure SQL Database for Remote Desktop Manager macOS

Microsoft Azure SQL offers different service tier in its purchase model for DTUS. We recommend at minimum a Standard tier package S0 for 5 users and more. Visit their website for more information.


  • Supports User Management with a superior security model.
  • Supports Offline mode for when the server or network is unavailable.
  • Supports entry logs and attachments.

Get more information on Microsoft Azure SQL.

A proper database backup strategy should be implemented to prevent possible data loss.

AD Azure is not supported in Remote Desktop Manager macOS. This feature is not yet implemented.


Consult Configure Azure SQL for more information on the configuration.




Name Enter a name for the data source.
Host Enter the server hostname or IP address.
Login mode Specify the authentication mode to use.
Username Enter the username to access the Azure SQL database.
Password Enter the password to access the Azure SQL database.
Always ask password Prompt for the password when a user connects to the data source.
Database Enter the name of the Azure SQL database.
Two factor Enable the 2-Factor Authentication.
Test Database Test the connection with the database to validate if the proper information has been provided.



Auto refresh Set the automatic refresh interval.
Ping online method Indicate the preferred ping online method. Select between:
  • None
  • Port Scan
Auto go offline Use the data source in offline mode when the ping method does not respond.

User vault


Type Select the type of user vault to use. Select between:
  • Default: use the default user vault, which is stored in the database.
  • None: disable the user vault for all users.
  • Devolutions Online Drive: use a Devolutions Online Drive file (*.dod) as a user vault



Create Database Create the database on the SQL server to use Remote Desktop Manager.
Update Database Update the database on the SQL server, if required to use Remote Desktop Manager.
Test Database Test the connection with the database to validate if the proper information has been provided.
Email Schema to Support Send your schema to our support team.


Open a VPN to access your data prior to connecting to your Microsoft Azure SQL database.




Caching mode Determines how the entries will be reloaded in the data source. For more information, please consult Caching.
Connection timeout Set the delay of the connection timeout.
Command timeout Set the delay of the command timeout.
Allow beta database upgrade Allow beta upgrade of the database (when using a beta version of Remote Desktop Manager).
Manage Cache Manage the data source cache. On large data sources caching is a must and will increase performance significantly.
Advanced Settings Edit the connection string values directly.