Clear web browser cache

By deleting a folder, you are able to clear the web browser cache in the application folder of Remote Desktop Manager. In File – Settings – Advanced, you can click the link at the bottom of the window to access the application folder. If your Remote Desktop Manager is in Program Files, you should find the EO.WebBrowser.Cache and WebView2.Cache folders in the localappdata.

  1. Close your Remote Desktop Manager application.
  2. In the application folder, locate the EO.WebBrowser.Cache and WebView2.Cache folders. Depending on your Remote Desktop Manager version, you may only have one of those folders.

    If you do not find either of those folders, the folder where the configuration files are stored may have been changed using an override.cfg file. See Configuration file location for more information.

  3. Rename or delete the folder(s). The best practice is to rename the folders, as in this case you do not lose any data.
  4. Restart Remote Desktop Manager.