RDP reconnect mode

The Reconnect mode is available for Microsoft Remote Desktop entries. It can be found under Properties – Common – General – Advanced. By default, the Standard option is selected.

Reconnect mode
Reconnect mode

  • Standard: The Standard Reconnect mode option in the entry, points to the settings in File – Settings – Types – Remote Desktop – Remote Desktop – Reconnect mode. If set to Standard there too, it uses the same method as Legacy.
  • Full: It will close the tab fully and re-open the connection.
  • Smart Reconnect: This option uses the ActiveX reconnect feature. On an RDP 8.1+, it will resize the screen if a reconnect is not needed.

It is recommended to change the Screen sizing mode to Smart Reconnect, instead of selecting it in the Reconnect mode menu. The Screen sizing mode option can be found under the Display tab of the same properties menu.

  • Legacy: This option calls the disconnect and then the connect method of the ActiveX.