The caching mode will determine how the client will re-load entries when changes are detected. On large data sources caching is a must and will increase performance significantly.

This feature is only available when using an Advanced Data Source.

If the cache is outdated, press Ctrl+F5 to refresh the local cache. This will force reading from the database to recreate the cache.


The Caching mode option can be accessed via File – Data Sources – Edit Data Source – Advanced in an advanced data source.

Caching mode
Caching mode

Disabled Prevent an offline cache from being used.
In-Memory Use the offline cache only for recent changes, but prevent it from writing on the disk (in-memory only).
File Use the offline cache only for recent changes. The cache will write on the disk.


You can find the configuration file by doing a right click on your Finder - Go to Folder and in the Folder dialog type ~/Library.

You can then follow the path Application Support/com.devolutions.remotedesktopmanager select the pertaining database where you will find the offline.db file.

The file is a SQLite database encrypted using a non-portable computed key hash.

You can enhance the security of the offline file by setting the Enhanced security in the Data Sources Preferences – Offline Security.

Depending on the configuration of the Caching Mode and of the Offline Mode the Offline.db file may still exist since the file has as a dual purpose caching and offline line support.