Locate the configuration file

In some cases, the Devolutions team will need your configuration file to help reproduce a particular issue.

Note that if you are storing passwords to your datasource(s) and/or your Devolutions Account, our support team will we able to decrypt them. If you want to send a sanitized version of your configuration, please consult Sending a sanitized copy of your configuration file.

Finding and sending your Configuration file

Method 1 - Using Remote Desktop Manager

  1. In Remote Desktop Manager, open File – Settings – Advanced.
  2. At the bottom in the Information section, you will see a blue hyperlink, press on it to have a Windows Explorer open with the proper file selected.

Method 2 - Using the file system

Note that this example assumes that Remote Desktop Manager was installed with the default settings.

  1. Press Windows+R.
  2. Type "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager" in the Run window and press OK.
    Run window
    Run window
  3. In the folder, locate the RemoteDesktopManager.cfg file.
    RemoteDesktopManager.cfg file
    RemoteDesktopManager.cfg file
  4. Please send us the file securely by following the instructions in Securely send a file to our team.