Configure a VPN with an existing session

Follow this procedure to configure in Remote Desktop Manager a VPN entry with an existing session.

In this example we are launching a Website session entry first then the RDP.

For this you will need to configure a VPN inside the RDP session and this VPN will launch the Website session entry.


You will need to first create a Website session entry with the URL and then do the following:

  1. Go in the Properties of your second RDP entry, under VPN/SSH/Gateway.
  2. Set Open to Always connect.
  3. Set Type to Session.
  4. Go under the Settings tab at the top.
  5. Use the ellipsis (...) button to select the Website session entry you have created.

Once this is done, use the Remote Desktop Manager Jump feature to launch your second RDP entry which will first open the Website session entry you have configured as a VPN to establish the connection.