List of Internet endpoints accessed by Remote Desktop Manager

This is the list of addresses that are accessed by Remote Desktop Manager during normal operation, as well as the setting(s) to disable/prevent this access.

Remote Desktop Manager is a tool that integrates more than 150 technologies. This list ONLY contains endpoints accessed by the core product itself. We use a "best effort" approach to maintain this list, but it does not replace proper IT security practices. If security is paramount, it would be better to first block all internet access, then allowlist desired addresses as needed.

As part of a standard visit to a website using the HTTPS protocol, the certificate used by the remote site is validated using industry best practices. A certificate contains multiple URLs which are accessed to perform validation. The URLs vary not only for each site, but also in time whenever they are renewed. Read Certificate validation for further information.

Endpoints list

Description URL Related setting(s) / action
Devolutions Cloud – our online services File – Devolutions Account
Devolutions Account Login File – Devolutions Account
RDM update check File – Settings – Application – Application Startup – Enable check for updates
File – Settings – Security – Require Yubikey authentication
Gravatar File – Settings – Advanced – Disable all Gravatar images
Gravatar fallback File – Settings – Advanced – Disable all Gravatar images
Have I Been Pwned File – Settings – Advanced – Disable compromised password (pwned) check
Telemetry File – Settings – Advanced – Disable telemetry
License validation Administration – Licenses
Devolutions Send Send passwords externally via email/link
User images Used when Gravatars are disabled
RDM update – package download User action in the upgrade available dialog
Devolutions Store – Upgrade/Buy Remote Desktop Manager User action in the License expiry dialog