RDP clarification and information

In Remote Desktop Manager, the latest RDP version uses the latest version of the Microsoft RDP ActiveX present on the system - it’s always mstscax.dll, but the DLL contains different versions of the the ActiveX interface.

FreeRDP is the only RDP client we embed into Remote Desktop Manager, but it is only used if you change the RDP Version to one of the FreeRDP options available. All other options use the Microsoft RDP ActiveX which is always external to Remote Desktop Manager

We have never embedded the Microsoft RDP client into Remote Desktop Manager, mostly because it is not possible to redistribute it separately. All you need to stay up to date is to update Windows, as we use the DLL present on the system, which we have no control over.

In both cases, the Microsoft RDP client is external to Remote Desktop Manager Under regular conditions, the fallback is not expected to happen - if you request mstscax.dll, it will always use mstscax.dll - the condition where mstscax.dll is missing is not handled.