Devolutions Online Drive

The Devolutions Online Drive stores and synchronizes your remote connections and credentials data in our cloud services. You can access your sessions from anywhere via an Internet connection.

It is an online file storage service dedicated to a single file type, Remote Desktop Manager’s connection list. Devolutions Online Drive is completely free and has no limitations as to how many sessions you might have, it is for single users as it cannot share files.

Please consult Devolutions Online Drive for information on this service.

Since this service is hosted in the cloud, we strongly recommend that you further encrypt your data by applying a Master key. This will ensure that the file will be unreadable by no one but you.

Even though this is a cloud service, you MUST use our Online backup service to keep history of your data. Devolutions offers a free backup service, and we do not maintain multiple versions of the Devolutions Online Drive content. This makes it critical that you enable the backup feature. This service will keep multiple versions of your file and is the best option.



Devolutions Online Drive – General tab
Devolutions Online Drive – General tab

Name Enter the name of the data source.
Create an account for free Create a new Devolutions Account.
Username Enter your Devolutions Account username.
Connection mode Choose the Default or Application password method.
Application password Enter your Application password.
Always ask for password (default only) Prompts for the password every time a connection to the Devolutions Online Drive is attempted.
Filename Indicate the filename used to store the data on the Devolutions Online Drive.
Master key Contains a master key to access the data source.
Always ask master key Ask for the master key every time a connection to the Devolutions Online Drive is attempted.


Please consult Online backup for more information on this service.

Devolutions Online Drive – Backup
Devolutions Online Drive – Backup

Backup Choose the backup mode. Select between:
  • None: No backup of your data source will be created.
  • Online backup: An Online backup (using Online backup Service) will automatically be created.
  • Save to file: Your backup will be saved to a chosen file but will not automatically do backup every 30 seconds.
Backup name Specify the backup name that will allow you to automatically save your sessions in a safe online storage space and restore them in the event of problems.


Open a VPN to access your data prior to connecting to your Devolutions Online Drive.



Devolutions Online Drive – Advanced tab
Devolutions Online Drive – Advanced tab

Disable reveal password Disable the reveal password feature when a user access this data source.
Allow offline mode Allow the data source to be used in Offline mode.
Allow custom images Allows the user to use custom images. Too many custom images could dramatically increase the size of the data source and increase the load time at the same time.
Auto refresh Set the interval for the automatic refresh
Clear Offline Cache Clear the offline cache on your computer. This can be very helpful when encountering offline issues.