Multi vault search

Multi vault Search Button
Multi vault Search Button

The Multi vault Search feature of Remote Desktop Manager macOS allows you to search for folders and entries in all the vaults of the selected data source at once.

Multi vault Search Window
Multi vault Search Window

Criteria Types

The following criteria are available to refine your search: Connection type, Creation date, Folder, Last update date, Name and Software.

At least one criterion must be used to filter your results, and a maximum of four criteria can be applied at once.

Multi vault Search Criteria
Multi vault Search Criteria

In Hub databases, only the Name criterion is available.

Drop-down lists will appear when selecting certain criteria to give you more search options.

Multi vault Search Drop-down
Multi vault Search Drop-down

Below is a description of what each of these drop-down lists type is used for.

Connection type Select from the list the connection type of the entries you are looking for.
Creation date
Last update date
Select from the list the period of time, up to 90 days ago, when the entries/folders were created or last updated. There also is a custom option in the list that allows you to specify dates to delimit your time period. This can be useful if you want to search between specific dates or if the entries or folders were created / last updated more than 90 days ago.
Search by typing part or all of a word in the name of the entries or folders or in their description. From the list, select the option that applies:
  • Contains – any name that includes the characters you have entered, anywhere in the field name.
  • Starts with – any name beginning with the characters you have entered.
  • Ends with – any name ending with the characters you have entered.
  • Exact expression – any name exactly matching every character you have entered.
  • Does not contain – any name that does not include the characters you have entered.
  • Regular expression (regex) – any sequence of characters specifying a search pattern.

Results Display

The results are displayed when the Search button is pressed. Once done, the name of all entries and the vault in which they are located are shown in the results field.

Search Button
Search Button

It is possible to select multiple entries at once by Shift–clicking or all of them with the Cmd+A shortcut. Right–clicking one or more entries shows the same menu and options as in the Navigation pane.

Other functions

The Select in Navigation pane button, when pressed, takes you directly to the selected entry or folder in the corresponding vault's Navigation pane.

The Reset button clears all your search results and options, giving you a clean slate for a new search.