Advanced search

The Advanced Search allows you to search for entries and folders based on multiple criteria in one vault at a time. To search multiple vaults simultaneously, please refer to Multi vault Search.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search

It is possible to select multiple entries at once with a Shift-click or all of them with the Cmd+A shortcut. Right-clicking one or more entries shows the same menu and options as in the Navigation pane.

Advanced Search Window
Advanced Search Window

Search tab

Criteria You can select multiple different criteria at once to tweak your search:
  • Connection type
  • Contact reference
  • Creation date
  • Custom field
  • Description
  • Domain
  • Folder
  • Host
  • Is favorite
  • Tags
  • Last update date
  • Name
  • OS
  • Password strength
  • Serial Number
  • Server role
  • Status
  • Username
  • URL
  • Version
  • IP
  • MAC
  • Software
Load Load searches that have been previously saved.
Save Save your search locally to reuse it.
Save As Save a previously saved search but under a different name.
Export Export the entries of your search result as a CSV, HTML, XLS or XML file. Sensitive information will be encrypted using AES.
Search Once you have selected your search criteria, click on Search to display the search results.
Reset Reset all your fields to proceed with a new search.
Select in Navigation pane Select your search result in your Navigation pane. This option can be used in combination with a Batch Edit.

There will be a drop-down list next to certain criteria fields (ex: Name) to give you more search options:

  • Contains - any name including the characters you have entered.
  • Starts with - any name beginning with the characters you have entered.
  • Ends with - any name ending with the characters you have entered.
  • Exact expression - any name exactly matching every character you have entered.
  • Does not contain - any name that does not include the characters you have entered.
  • Regular expression (regex) - any sequence of characters specifying a search pattern.