Migrate from one type of database to another

For security, usability, and efficiency reasons, multiple data sources are tagged as deprecated in Remote Desktop Manager. Read more about it in Deprecated data sources.

In Remote Desktop Manager, your organization is currently using a database to store data, but would like to switch to a different one. This topic explains how to move the database and/or the data.


Different scenarios can occur, therefore they will be covered separately:

  • SQL Server to Azure SQL or Azure SQL to SQL Server: Follow the steps in this SQL Server database migration best practice guide.

  • Azure SQL/SQL Server to MySQL/MariaDB or MySQL/MariaDB to Azure SQL/SQL Server: The schemas used inside the SQL Server/Azure SQL or MySQL/MariaDB databases are not completely identical to MySQL/MariaDB or SQL Server/Azure SQL schemas respectively. The authentication method is also different. In that case, the database cannot be transferred: the creation of a new database is required. Then, your users would need to be recreated and an export/import of your sessions from one database to another would need to be performed. This process is explained in Export. If your users have a user vault, they would need to manually export it to the new database.