Active Directory dashboard entry

The Active Directory Dashboard entry provides a centralized and efficient way for system administrators and IT professionals to manage and interact with Active Directory (AD) services directly within Remote Desktop Manager.

It is possible to modify the Active Directory groups and add a user to it by using the AD dashboard (console). To do this, you must first restrict access to the folder that contains the administrative tools.

The steps in the video are the same as those described above.

  1. Create or select a folder.
  2. Go to Folder propertiesSecurityPermissionsSet permissions to Never (which means that nobody except the admins can access the folder). Grant Access can always be used for more granularity.
  3. Click OK to save.

Create the Active Directory Dashboard entry

  1. Select the created folder and click New Entry.
  2. Select Active Directory Dashboard.
  3. Enter the information.
  4. Go to Logs.
  5. Choose Custom in the Open logs drop-down menu.
  6. Check Prompt for comment on open.
  7. Select Open comment is required and ticket number is required.

By enabling the Logs functionality, users will have to comment and create a ticket number to explain why they are performing an action on the entry. This type of behavior can be applied to almost every entry in Remote Desktop Manager.

  1. Click Add to save.
  2. Open your session.
  3. The open session comment window open.
  4. Enter the Ticket number and the Comment.
  5. Click OK.

Add a user to an AD group

  1. Open your session.
  2. Navigate to the user group location.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Navigate to the Members tab.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Select the user and click OK to save.
  7. The user has been successfully added.

Active Directory dashboard entry settings

Here is a list of the settings available in the Active Directory dashboard entry interface.

Active Directory dashboard entry interface
Active Directory dashboard entry interface

Settings Description
New User Create a new user in Active Directory.
New Group Create a new group in Active Directory
Enable Reactivate an object, making it active.
Disable Disable an object without deleting it.
Unlock Release a user account that has been locked.
Reset Password Assign a new password to a user account.
Delete Permanently delete an object from Active Directory.
Properties View or modify the attributes and settings of an object.
BitLocker Retrieve the recovery password for a BitLocker-encrypted key.
Search Locate any object within the domain, such as users, groups, or computers.