Remote Desktop Manager does not start

While modernizing our Remote Desktop Manager for Windows build process, an issue went undetected. A tool that performs actions against our code base has introduced an issue within the application.

The result of this issue is that the following Remote Desktop Manager will no longer allow you to start the application after a given date (see list below).

Version Expires on
2022.1.19.0 2022-03-29
2022.1.20.0 2022-03-31
2022.1.21.0 2022-04-05

The cause was the improper activation of the license for the tool during the automated build process. In other words, even though we held the proper licensing, the license information was not being passed to the tool.


We have since resolved the issue in all builds greater or equal to 2022.1.22.0. Please visit our download page to get the latest release.