Data Sources

Use File – Data Sources to manage your data sources. Remote Desktop Manager macOS supports multiple types of data sources however some of them are only available in the Team Edition.

Please refer to Data Source Types for more details on all of our supported data sources.

Your active Data sources
Your active Data sources


Add a new data source

Use the button plus to create a new data source configuration.

Delete and edit a data source

Use buttons plus and cog wheel to delete or edit a data source configuration.

Only the configuration will be deleted, the actual file or database will still be available.

Duplicate data source

Use the button duplicate to duplicate a data source configuration.

Lock data source

Use the Lock button to lock the data source with a password to prevent any modification of a data source configuration. This is useful when you have some sensitive credentials that you do not want to share with the user.

Unlock data source

Use the Unlock button to unlock a data source locked with a password.

Import/Export data source

Use the Import or Export buttons to import/export a data source configuration (RDD file).

The RDD file does not include the content of the data source; only the configuration is exported. Use the entry's export functionality to back up or copy the content of the database.

On Start up

Remote Desktop Manager macOS will automatically open the last used data source on startup or your can set a selected data source to open on startup.