The Account tab gives you access to settings for customizing your Remote Desktop Manager interface. At the top, information about the account connected to Remote Desktop Manager is displayed.

Account tab
Account tab


Changes made under the Settings section are applied to your Remote Desktop Manager application. This means that even if you change account or data source, the settings will still be in effect.

Under Settings, you can choose the theme of your Remote Desktop Manager application between the Light theme and the Dark theme. You can also choose to mirror your system's theme.

Next, you can also change the style of the main header (top menu) of your Remote Desktop Manager application. Choose between a Ribbon view or a Classic view.

User interface profile

User interface profile changes are applied to your account in the current data source. This means that if you change your user interface profile in a Devolutions Hub or Devolutions Server data source in Remote Desktop Manager, the change will also be made in the web interface of that data source, and vice versa.

User interface profiles allow users to have a tailored experience in Remote Desktop Manager and other Devolutions products based on their tasks and roles.

  • IT professional: A comprehensive interface with full-fledged capabilities and all remote connection features.
  • Business user: A streamlined interface for managing sensitive information, such as passwords.

For a more detailed overview of the profiles, see User interface profiles.

The profile can also be selected during the Remote Desktop Manager Onboarding process. If none is chosen or if the user decides to choose one later, they will be assigned the Default profile, which can be changed in File – Preferences – User Interface – User interface profile or in the web interface.