Understand Remote Desktop Manager licensing

In the context of licensing, a user is an individual that uses Remote Desktop Manager. Credentials that are stored within Remote Desktop Manager have no impact on licensing.

Licenses are calculated per user, not per installation. There is no limitation on installing Remote Desktop Manager (laptop, desktop, home computer, etc.), as long as you hold the proper number of licenses for each individual that connect to your system.

The licenses are for use by the customer that appears on the invoice. You cannot share your license with a sub-contractor or, in the case of a service provider, to one's customers. This applies even if you grant them access to a shared data source.

Three types of licenses are available for purchase, depending on the number of users:

  • Single User license: Purchased individually. There must be a separate license for each individual who will have access to the software. This is akin to a named user license.
  • Enterprise license: Offers a maximum of 50 users.
  • Platinum license: For 51 users and more.

Please contact our sales department to describe your scenario, get help on which license to purchase, and get a quote.